Monday, October 19, 2009

Around the Globe According to my Gmail Inbox

A digest of my inbox 10/19/09-

Erica Trani, owner of In Exchange is having a Super Sale

Phoenix of New Orleans (my first job in New Orleans) is making a big push to finish in the Top 10 of America's Giving Challenge.Help them out!

Groundwork NOLA is having an event on October 22nd to showcase their rain gardens.

Very Short List introduces me to "One Love"
is having a graduate school fair at Tulane on October 29th
is telling me to call FED EX ((901) 369-3600) and encourage them to leave the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is spending a 100 million to stop the public option.

Service Nation announces a partnership with Banana Republic.

Mangos with Chilis is showing Wednesday night

Integrated Planning Webinar by Synthesis Partnership

Cruising for the Coast Fundraiser

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